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Protect your home and office with all round security: CCTV installation. We provide expert technicians for CCTV camera installation for home security as well as office security.

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Safety at its best, an effective security measure

Security is of utmost importance to ensure the protection of individuals, premises and all possessions. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and is one of the best surveillance methods. It allows to record video and stores it for later review keeping count of who all enter, exit and record the activity of each visitor. At cctvinstallationuae we provide the best CCTV system installation, our team of certified technicians is highly experienced. They know their way around CCTV and keep track of all new CCTV features and technologies in the market. We provide:


Quick and convenient services


Reliable security systems


Professional technicians


Installation and Maintenance Services

Our Services

Our motto is to attend each customer query, with lot of attention to detail and provide a tailor-made solutions to our client’s requirement. We have great and pocket friendly packages for all kind of Apartments, Villas, Offices, Warehouses with wired and wireless camera options in HIKVISION, DAHUA, HI-Look, Panasonic, Ubiquity, Axis, Bosch, UNV, Ezviz.

Office Security System

We provide a full security system for your office protection. With high-resolution videos and large capacity recorder, you will be able to see all and everyone with clarity.

Home Security System

Feel safe and secure at your home with our CCTV security. Easy to monitor and handle, get security camera installation today.

Repair, and Maintenance

Our services include newly CCTV camera installation, CCTV repair in case of damaged parts and CCTV maintenance contract to ensure that your CCTV is in working condition.

Our solutions

Best Security Systems for your safety

At cctvinstallationuae we offer solutions for our protection and security. We believe that the Customer is important and so is their Safety. The best method for safety and security is the CCTV camera system. Our team of technicians are certified experts and provide services for CCTV system installation and maintenance. We offer a free site visit, where our technicians will visit the place where the CCTV installation will happen and strategize the optimal place to install CCTV and give you a rough estimate of the cost.

We ensure that our security systems are the best and authentic and try our level best to give you competitive prices compared to our competitors.

Protection and security

CCTV security systems

Mobile surveillance

Additional security as per request

CCTV camera features

Monitor and Mobile Surveillance

To monitor the activity in and around the premises you can have a monitor room with computer monitors to surveillance the surroundings.

Facial Recognition

Advance security system has facial recognition as a feature for extra security needs.

Additional Features

Apart from facial recognition and video recording, CCTV’s also come with foot counter to keep track of visitor count, and timer to keep tap of what time they entered and exited the premises.

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Expert CCTV Security

Best CCTV security systems

We offer and provide only the best CCTV security system for residential and commercial place. Our trained technicians are professional and certified only using the best equipment and tools for your CCTV installation and maintenance needs.


Do It Yourself

CCTV is one device with the easiest maintenance option. See our instruction manual of your CCTV security system.
After installing your CCTV it is important that from time to time it receives a maintenance service. Maintenance is important as it is like a regular health check for your CCTV security system to ensure your security system is functioning as it should and that no repair is required.


Planning and Layout

Our technicians will do a site visit before giving you an estimate for the service. They will survey the site and plan out CCTV placement.
This allows us to do a risk analysis of your plot and figure out all the points that are dangerous and prone to threat. We promise to give full security with our through planning and design.


Technical Helpdesk Support

We have a helpline that is especially available for your help. No matter when the issue occurs we are available 24×7 in your service.
Our technical helpdesk support is to ensure you have professional assistance whenever needed. All you have to do is call our helpdesk and explain to our technician what your issue is, to which they will give instructions.


Home Protection

Security Systems

Feel safe and secure at our own home with CCTV camera system installation. Know who comes and goes, check your children’s safety with CCTV camera monitor. Keep thieves, intruders, out of your house. In Dubai, cctvinstallationuae provides the best CCTV camera and installation services to ensure your home is safe and secure. 

Our technicians offer professional and expert advice to give you the best suggestion for CCTV installation that caters to your needs.

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  • Video Door Phone
  • Smoke Detector
  • Home Security Solutions


Security Solutions

Make sure your employees and office premises are secure and protected with CCTV security system. The CCTV camera allows you to keep an eye on your office/shop while you’re away. Ensure no illegal activity or theft takes place while you’re away. We provide many small and medium businesses with the best security solutions.

With a team of certified and trained technicians, we offer satisfactory security solutions and provide CCTV maintenance to keep your CCTV updated and functioning.

  • CCTV Installation
  • Access Control System
  • Intruder Alarm System
  • Business Security Solutions


Affordable and convenient, the best CCTV system I could get, apart from the good equipment, the services too very up to the mark and amazing.

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Got my office secured with CCTV security camera. Took cctvinstallationuae services for this job, professional technicians and knew exactly what they were doing. Loved their service.

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Had some CCTV issue, book cctvinstallationuae CCTV maintenance services. They did a fantastic job and were very courteous and helpful. I recommend all to get their CCTV surveillance services from cctvinstallationuae.

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