Intruder Alarm Service

Intruder Alarm Service

An intruder alarm system is like a burglar system and helps detect any unauthorized movement or activity. Get an alarm today with different features to fit your needs.

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Intruder Alarm Installation Dubai, UAE

Intrusion alarms, also known as burglary alarm are installed to avoid any theft or burglary activity. These alarms can be used for residential, office or industrial purpose to protect a certain area which has relatively high-value assets from thieves and intruders. Intruder alarm system installation gives high-level security to the area and in case a burglary is attempted, the alarm would blare a sound catching the thieves attention as well as alerting the surrounding areas, indicating about unauthorized activity. Apart from the sound, it would send signals to the owner of the property and the alarm would also notify the nearest police station or law authority. 

Some alarms are dual systems that detect intrusion as well as fire. We offer intruder alarm service for your residential, office or industry purpose. Our technicians customize and offer solutions for your security and safety according to your need and requirement. Professional, certified and highly trained, our team of technicians give the best suggestions to ensure good safety.

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Advantages of Intruder Alarm

There are many designs of intrusion alarm system ranging from noisemakers, a detailed multi-area system with computer monitoring and control room set up. Our intruder alarm installer team provides alarms for small areas, with hooter/siren sound for alert and has some advanced detector which can perform tasks such as automatic dialing, convey a pre-recorded message for intruder, local visual security alarm.

We even provide alarms for large areas which are divided into zones so it makes it easier to identify which zone the intrusion took place in. alarm control is the brain of your security and must be functional all the time, which is why we also provide intruder alarm maintenance to ensure the alarm system is in check and in working order. Get an alarm installed today and be secure with the highest security system.

Constant Protection

The alarm is effective all day and night, protecting you constantly.

Powerful Deterrent

With an intruder alarm installed, thieves and burglars think twice before breaking and entering your protected house/office.

Easy Relocation

The alarm device can be easily relocated to a different setting without any hassle.

Special Alarm settings and systems

Alarms come in a range of wide variety and have new features and special settings to cater to exact issues and security trouble.

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